Cullers – Overall Concept 1

Cullers want to wipe out humanity.

And who can blame them after what we’ve done to their planet.


Their planet?!

Yes, they’ve been around, in some form, for longer than we have. In fact, our existence provoked their rise to prominence.

We’re the virus that’s depleting the Earth’s climate and resources, making it sick.

The Cullers are the antibodies that fight that disease. Earth’s antibodies.

What?! The Earth is trying to kill us?




Yellow Fever

Yes, I think we can safely say that our planet wants us dead. And these nefarious Cullers do their best to fulfil Gaia’s murderous wishes. And disease isn’t their only method. Oh no!

American Civil War

Opium War

New Zealand Land Wars

Crimean War

When they can’t figure out a way to kill us, they figure out a way to get us to kill each other.

Colonisation and the Industrial Revolution. In the 1860s humanity is more populace and is messing up the planet more quickly than ever before. Unless humanity changes its ways…and it won’t…the Cullers have their work cut out for them!