The Falconers – Background 1

The Falconers or ‘Order of the Falcon’ are an international, multicultural organisation with ‘agents’ in most European nations, and their colonies and ex-colonies (the United States). It traces its origins back to the dark ages of Europe and particularly to the epic of Beowulf, the famed Swedish ‘monster hunter’.

No, Beowulf was neither real nor the first Falconer. But it’s thought that the poem inspired the first Falconers to begin hunting the creatures that would later become known as ‘The Cullers’.

falconerBadge_goldIt wasn’t until the 14th Century, in response to the devastating Culler plague known commonly as’Black Death’, that the Falconers gained the clandestine support of the nobility of Western and Eastern Europe.

Gradually, the organisation’s reach extended out into Russia and across Asia. Colonisation led to its expansion into Africa and the Americas, and by the mid 19th Century, Falconers and their supporters could be found in almost every country in the world.

But while The Falconers have grown stronger over their 900 years of existence, so have the Cullers.