Inspiration from Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage’s Bennington commencement speech. With honesty and self-deprecation he lays out the not-really-a-secret underpinning the life of a successful creative.

You only get to make anything cool by spending a lot of time beforehand just making.

Here’s how he puts it…

“I waited a long time out in the world before I gave myself permission to fail. Please don’t even bother asking. Don’t bother telling the world you are ready. Show it. Do it.” – Peter Dinklage, June 1, 2012

Even when we’ve been in the creativity business for a long time, we still need to be reminded to show up and do the work. Especially when someone else isn’t waving a contract at us and telling us what work to do.

It’s been 10 years for me now. More like 15 if I count the years of writing and directing youth theatre, and that first novel I never quite got published. I still need regular kicks in the arse, and I go looking for those kicks.

Here’s one of them…