Moonlight – A Visual Novel

The first official Falconers product is in now under development! A visual novel set in the fictional town of Moonlight.

The setting is a combination of the existing West Coast NZ towns of Blackball, Moonlight and Brunner, and harks back to the discovery of gold in the area by Captain George Fairweather Moonlight on April 7th 1865.


I’ve been to Blackball recently and it’s a sleepy, rather creepy little town of around 300 people. And I purchased Blackballs (black and white striped lollies) in Blackball…as one is clearly obligated to do in such circumstances.


Back in its day, Blackball was a thriving coal mining town with around 2000 inhabitants, mostly miners and their families.

Early Blackball.

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Moonlight is the equivalent of Blackball during the 19th Century although its Moonlight Mine produces gold, not coal. And like Brunner at that time, it has suffered a tragic mining accident.

Brunner Mining Disaster

Grim times in a grim place. What better setting for a little bit of Falconers historical horror!