Species of Culler

Over the centuries of the organisation’s existence, the Falconers have encountered three main types of Culler.

The Seeder

A creature that can mimic humanity, insinuate itself into a community and create such discord and dissent that the community will tear itself apart. If you’ve read or seen Stephen King’s “Needful Things” then you’ll know how that sort of thing can be done, and the destruction that can follow.


The Plaguer

It was the discovery of a Plaguer in the wake of the Black Death epidemic of the 14th Century that sparked the formation of the Order of the Falcon.

plague flea

These strange creatures are masters of bacterial and viral manipulation. They grow, mutate and engineer the spread of plagues throughout humanity. If you’ve ever played ‘Plague Inc‘ then you know how dangerous a Plaguer can be.


The Hunter

Last but by no means least is the Hunter. Although the least intelligent, most animalistic of the Culler species, these monstrosities have evolved to become the ultimate killing machines. A Hunter will establish a territory near a human settlement and will pick the inhabitants off, one by one. They are the monster that lurks in the dark forest, the one that parents tell tales of to scare children into keeping within the bounds of the village. And rightly so.

Moonlight – The Visual Novel


There’s a Hunter lurking somewhere in the bush clad hills surrounding Moonlight. And it’s picking the inhabitants of Moonlight off, one by one. Will our lone Falconer, Cassie Winter, be able to track the thing and kill it before it hunts again?

I guess you’ll have to wait and see when our Demo comes out later this year. 😉