Wiremu ‘Weka’ Jones

Our charming rogue of the Moonlight Visual Novel cast. Weka Jones.

Name: Wiremu Jones

Nickname: Weka

Age: 30s

Height: 178cm

Culture: Welsh / Maori

Occupation: Gambler

Inspiration: “Wild Bill” Hickock, famous American lawman and gambler. Shot in the back during a poker game in Deadwood, 1876.



Weka is a good-looking ladies man with a reputation as a sharp gambler and an even sharper shooter. Of Ngai Tahu descent, Weka knows the secrets and stories of New Zealand’s native bush. Despite having adopted colonial ways, Weka maintains a strong, spiritual connection with the land.

The above makes Weka sounds like a bit of a hero. He’s not. Weka enjoys nothing better than to charm, swindle and cheat miners out of their gold. He’s had to shoot more than one man ‘in self defence’.