Patricia Te Raki

Patricia Te Raki is a Falconer who plays a lead role in The Falconers: Fort Eden, a serial fiction series written by Chris Kluwe and Edwin McRae.

Name: Patricia Te Raki

Gender: Female

Age: Late twenties

Occupation: Falconer

Inspiration: Hyrri Ngamakanui from Path of Exile and Aeryn Sun from Farscape

Hyrri Ngamakanui – Karui Archer and Military Leader from Path of Exile:Origins


Aeryn Sun – Peacekeeper Officer from Farscape. Played by Claudia Black

Talent Names - Claudia Black

Filename – FARSCAPEPK_SCIFI_00010; Title – Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars; Network – SCI FI Channel; Genre – Mini-Series; Season – ; Episode Title – ; Talent Names – Claudia Black; Character Names – Aeryn; Photo Credit – SCI FI Channel; Caption –


Patricia is a tough and determined woman who has found her calling in life. She’s been a scrappy girl ever since she learned to throw a punch at the age of five, and learned how to hold her own against even the bigger and older boys in her tribal village. Being both a half-caste and a girl with ambition, she had to.

She doesn’t hunt Cullers out of revenge. Patricia had her vengeance long ago. She hunts Cullers because she loves a good fight, she’s good at it, and the other Falconers treat her like an equal instead of a ‘mere woman’ or a cultural ‘mongrel’.

Patricia is also far more sensitive than she lets on. She can read people’s expressions and body language and make pretty astute interpretations of their emotions and motivations. She’s a hard woman to lie to and even tougher to befriend. She tends to see the worst in people, quite accurately, and so is very slow to trust.

Physical Description:

Although she’s only half Maori, Patricia’s features are distinctly Polynesian. She has a Ngai Tahu moko on her chin, long black hair and eyes the colour of dark chocolate.

She favours leather riding pants and long knee-high boots, and is seldom seen without her military jacket, a blue sergeant’s jacket taken from a colonial soldier who turned out to be a Seeder. She’s since had it tailored to fit her properly.

The general ‘feel’ for Patricia is that of this monster slayer concept illustration by Un Lee.


Patricia’s weapons of choice are her Henry Lever Action rifle, her Beaumont-Adams .442 Revolver with centre-fire conversion, and her father’s Bowie knife.


Her father, Patrick, had been an Irish sea captain, long drowned somewhere out in the Tasman Sea. Her mother, Hinewai, had been Ngai Tahu, a fact now inked upon Patricia’s chin in traditional Maori moko. When Patricia was in her teens, Hinewai had been taken from her by a particular virulent form of ‘pakeha flu’, along with more than half her whanau. She’d tracked down the young missionary who’d coughed and spluttered his psalms and germs all over her village and driven her father’s gold-plated letter opener through his throat. The blood that had poured from the boy’s jugular had been as black as oil.

The young missionary had been a Plaguer, a type of Culler that grows, carries and spreads virulent diseases.

Patricia’s first Culler Kill took place in Fort Eden and she was promptly arrested for murder. Despite the odd nature of the victim’s blood, no autopsy was performed and the body was burned. Later, once she’d learned more about the Cullers, she assumed that another Culler, likely a Seeder imbedded within the police force, had done this in order to cover up the incident.

Patricia spent a few weeks in Fort Eden gaol until she ended up sharing her cell with a drunk and disorderly Farlan MacNeil. Farlan saw potential in young Patricia and helped her to escape by blowing out one of the prison’s walls with an alchemical concoction.

Farlan then organised Patricia’s enlistment into the Order of the Falcon and packed her off to the order’s training academy in Hong Kong. Upon her return, three years later, she was given the Otago region as her ‘beat’. Farlan covers the same area and the two often work together.

Featured Concept Art by Silvester Sang

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