The Falconers: Fort Eden

After much literary slaving away, Chris Kluwe and I are delighted to announce the official publication of The Falconers: Fort Eden!

Available in print from Lulu and in eBook format on Amazon.

Fort Eden Cover

Here’s a hearty synopsis to whet your appetite.

Patricia Te Waki, Farlan MacNeil and Luc Barbier are Falconers, sworn to protect New Zealand’s colonists from a species of creature known as The Cullers. As the NZ colonials strike deeper into the heartlands of Aotearoa, they inflict increasing environmental damage with their ‘taming of the land’. The Cullers are nature’s answer to this invasion and they take no prisoners.

Patricia, Farlan and Luc are drawn to Fort Eden, our fictionalised version of 19th Century Dunedin, by a letter from Farlan’s police constable nephew. A letter about murder and gold in the south’s ‘greatest’ city.

And as our Falconers delve deeper into the mystery, it becomes frighteningly clear that monsters now stalk the muddy streets of Fort Eden. Worse yet, a type of monster this trio have not encountered before. Fort Eden is suffering from a hideous epidemic, and if our Falconers don’t find the source and destroy it, the whole city will suffer the gruesome consequences.

Of course, the people of Fort Eden aren’t going to make their salvation easy. Selfishness, corruption and ignorance are rife in this cold frontier, and the locals don’t take kindly to outsiders poking around their business. Particularly when these strangers are a maori warrior woman, a bloody-minded scotsman and a french intellectual.

But as Farlan likes to say, “Being a Falconer is about saving the buggers even if they don’t deserve it.”